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PSLE results out!!!
Tuesday, October 27, 2009 | 11:53 PM | 0 Stalker(s)
On 20 NOVEMBER 2008,i went to school with my mother to take my result slip...I was very scared...I prayed very hard until I received my result slip...I was totally anxious...I sat at my class position.One of the teachers,announced the result...My heart was beating very fast...Suddenly,the teacher announce for the EM3 top3...''the 1st is...Hafni"...I felt very shocked at 1st,but after that I felt relieved...She called me to go up on stage...I went up,took my result slip and I even shake Mrs Koh's hand,my school principal...We took picture too...I look at my result...I was very shock that I passed my PSLE...My result is
Grade A -Mother Tongue,
Band 1-English,
Band 3-Mathematics...
After that,Mrs Zainal,my form teacher,called me.She was so happy that i did my very best to pass my exam.She also gave me ang poa that include $50 inside...But before this,Mdm Fitri,my Mendaki teacher,gave me ang poa too.It include $10 inside it...I was very excited that I received it...I felt very greatful...My parents was so proud of me that they bought me a MP4 player...I feel very happy on this special day ever...^_^
(This is a true story)