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Some advice throughout your hols ~
Tuesday, November 22, 2011 | 1:15 AM | 0 Stalker(s)
Assalamualaikum wahai pembaca yang dikasihi ~

     Dear Bloggers ,

   Time really flies and we are at the end way mark of 2011 . I am sure many of you are looking forward to the month-long holiday vacation right ? For this term , I urge you to spend your time wisely by taking care of your total well-being , which comprises of your Mental & Physical health .

   Let us begin with mental health . Activate your mind and open it up to the wonders of the world by reading a book or two . You will be amazed at how books are able to broaden you imagination and transform the pictures or words in them to reality . Focus on how the author describes an event or a character and visualize it using your imagination . Apart from this , spend your days with your family . 
For those who are sitting for the upcoming exams such as SPMers , do not be afraid to challenge yourself and face your fear . 
At this point , I would like to share a quote by Mark Sincevich, "The more we go beyond  our own borders to stretch our comfort zone and our imagination, the more we grow in the process ."

   Next , let's look into your physical health . Take care of yourself while spending some time to go out to exercise or play your favourite game with your friends or siblings . Sweat it out ! Laugh out loud and inhale the fresh air , Enjoy and learn to appreciate the nature around you . Moreover , this is the best time to learn a new type of sports or a skill . For a example , if you had always wanted to learn to cycle but were afraid or could not find the time to do it , now is the time . Before you start , believe in yourself and do not give up . You will certainly succeed in your efforts .

   Therefore , for this End Of Year holidays , do take care of yourselves and persevere with a strong sense of belief and a clear focus .

Wishing one and all a good and well-deserved holiday xDD

Salam Sayang ,
Si Keding (:

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