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Goodbye 2011 and Welcome 2012
Saturday, December 31, 2011 | 8:02 AM | 0 Stalker(s)
Assalamualaikum WRT ,
Hyehye Earthlings :) 
Tik tok tik tok . . Jam bergerak , sudah masuk tahun baru 2012 , ALHAMDULILLAH , Syukur ke hadrat Illahi , kita masih lagi hidup di atas dunia Allah yang Indah ini . Subhanallah :) 
Dengan ini , saya , Hafni Shazwani Binti Zaini , ingin memohon seribu kemaafaan jikalau diriku ini ada menyakitkan hati kamu semua . Ingin ku susun sepuluh jari , andaikata diri ini tidak lama di atas bumi Allah ini . Maafkan diriku ini , kpd hambaII Allah , samada yang saya kenali atau tidak . Maafkan diriku , :)

May the new year
Bring these wishes to all of you
Warmth of love , comfort of home
Joy for your children ,
Company and support of family & friends
A caring heart that accepts
And treats all human beings equally
Enrichment of knowledge and
Richness of diversity
Courage to seek n speak the truth
Even if it means standing alone
Hopes & dreams of a just world and
The desire to make it happen
A light to guide your path
Helping hands to strengthen unity
Serenity n peace within your mind ,
Heart & soul
Food for thought & soul
A hand to hold :)

2012 is Coming ! Before 2011 Ends ,
Let Me Thank all the Good People like You ,
Who made '2011' so much Beautiful 4 Me .
I Pray You will be Blessed with Faithful Years Ahead .

I WISH YOU A . . .
Fantastic JANUARY
Love able FEBRUARY
Marvelous MARCH
Fool less APRIL
Enjoyable MAY
Successful JUNE
Wonderful JULY
Independent AUGUST
Tastiest OCTOBER
Beautiful NOVEMBER

Have a VICTORIOUS '2012' <3

YESTERDAY is memory . Today is A GIFT . Tommorow is a HOPE . Let’s begin New Year 2012 with FAITH , LOVE PEACE and NEW HOPE.

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 2012 :)

Sekian , Wassalam :)